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Weightlifting League 2018 Season - April 22nd, 2018

Weightlifting League 2018 Season - April 22nd, 2018

$ 40.00

Last day to qualify for Senior Nationals!

When we're new to weightlifting often we think that we must "be ready" to do a competition. But really, we need to compete in order to learn the process, find our blind spots and improve at competing. If you compete multiple times before you feel you're ready you'll improve in all aspects. Then at the big meet... you'll kill it! 

The purpose of the Weightlifting League is to provide more opportunities for athletes to compete.

You'll have a blast because we've created a non-intimidating environment in order to learn and gain valuable competition experience.

You will know when meets are coming up because we have a consistent and projected competition schedule. That allows easy planning. 

You'll have new motivation in the gym due to having something more to train for then just training...

More about the competitions:

  • Open to any USAW member (these are sanctioned competitions) of any skill level. (Not a USAW member yet? Sign up here!)
  • Meets will consistent of 1 session of Women and 1 session of Men (if registration determines); Spots for each competition are very limited.
  • Generally women will weigh in at 10am and Lift at 12pm, and Men will weigh in at 12pm and Lift at 2pm (Men's session is subject to be pushed back by 30 minutes based on final entries. A final schedule and start times will be e-mailed to athletes 1 week prior to the competition). 
  • Once you purchase your slot, you will receive a follow up e-mail to complete your Registration.
  • ****IF LESS THAN 20 ATHLETES REGISTER: there will be only 1-unisex session with weigh ins at 10am and lifting at 12pm. This will be determined and finalized 6 days from competition date and emailed to all participants. ****