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About Us

Founded by veteran weightlifters and coaches Chelsea Kyle & Drew Dillon, the two bring a fun and motivating dynamic to the education and development of weightlifters. 

The Olympic Lifts – A Clear Process to Follow

Project Lift is a…

Barbell club

Weightlifting education center for coaches and athletes

Backbone to our affiliate gym’s weightlifting programs


I’m Just Interested in Learning – We have you covered. Check out our Foundations Class for the process!

Project Lift Barbell Club – Housed inside Endeavor Defense and Fitness our barbell club provides solid platforms, equipment, programming, and coaching for athletes who are using the Olympic lifts for competition and sports performance.

Weightlifting Education Center for Coaches and Athletes 

Coaches: As a coach looking to use the Olympic lifts in their programming you know that good technique is a must. However, piecing together a “technique model” from various sources can often lead you unsure and frustrated. We teach a tried and true technique model that is EASILY REPEATABLE. This is not a cookie cutter approach! We prepare coaches with a clear understanding of our technique model and how to know when a variation in a unique athlete movement is good or bad.

Athletes: Just looking to learn the Olympic lifts? We will provide you an quick and easy system to help you get setup and execute correctly each and every time! In addition, we’ll provide guidance with mobility, strength for the Olympic lifts, and how to apply them to your training.

Backbone to our Affiliate’s Weightlifting Programs – Gyms that use the Olympic lifts must be able to train their coaching staff to teach them in a safe and efficient way. Project Lift offers an affiliate program for gyms that provides their coaches with the education they need to be successful. Coaches learn a process that will quickly prepare athletes for safe use of the Olympic lifts. Athletes, coaches, and gym owners are all much happier when everyone speaks the same language around cues, positions, and process.